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A catalog of more than 3000 jewels: Bracelets, Rings, Necklaces, Pendants, Brooches to please or to have fun. Cultured Pearls, Tahitian Pearls, Swarovski Crystal, Ceramic or Precious Stones you will be spoiled for choice. Free shipping from 90 €

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Pink Flamingo Pendant Charms in 925 Silver and Pink Crystal

Heart Necklace in Black Enamel and 925 Silver
49.00€ 98.00€

Unicorn Pendant in Multicolor Enamel and 925 Silver
59.00€ 115.00€

Whale Tail Pendant in Blue Enamel and 925 Silver
49.00€ 110.00€

Unicorn Earrings with White Swarovski Crystal and 925 Silver
35.00€ 70.00€

925 Silver Panda Earrings
45.00€ 98.00€

925 Sterling Silver Parrot Charms, Red Crystal and Enamel

Ladybug and Flowers bracelet enamel and 925 silver
49.00€ 98.00€

925 Sterling Silver and Enamel Iguana and forest Bead

925 Silver Koala Earrings
45.00€ 98.00€

Adjustable Parrot Ring with White Swarovski Crystal, Enamel and 925 Silver
55.00€ 110.00€

925 Sterling Silver and Enamel Bird and forest Bead

925 Sterling Silver and Enamel Bird and forest Bead

925 Silver Flower and Ladybug Earrings
35.00€ 70.00€

Plane Dangle earrings made with white Swarovski crystal and blue enamel
45.00€ 90.00€

925 Sterling Silver Bird Charms, Crystal and Enamel

Blue Pearls Jewelry

Discover our selection of jewelry: With a wide selection of cultured pearl jewelry, crystal jewelry from Swarovski and other materials, Blue Pearls offers quality jewelery for sale online made available in a neat package to make you happy and / or give pleasure to your loved ones.

Browse our site among several categories of jewelry to buy rings, necklaces, pendants, sets, brooches, earrings and other jewelry with cultured pearls, Swarovski crystals to perfect your appearance. Available in many materials such as gold, silver, zirconia ... our selection of jewelry sublime your appearance to feel you desire well in your skin.

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