Set in white cultured pearls and Swarovski crystal

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Discover our fineries, set associating pendants, necklaces, earrings and bracelets and Packs boxes of 4 to 7 earrings.

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Jewelry Set : 3 pairs of Swarovski Elements Crystal and Pearls Earrings
59.00€ 130.00€

White and Blue Swarovski Crystal Snowflake Set
59.00€ 110.00€

Set 7 pairs of earrings Crystal Swarovski Elements
39.90€ 78.00€

Travel Box Set of 3 White Swarovski Elements Crystal Pendants and Earrings
79.00€ 145.00€

Set Eye Necklace and Bracelet with Blue Swarovski Crystal and 925 Silver
98.00€ 190.00€

White and Blue Swarovski Crystal Snowflake Set
69.00€ 130.00€

Game Card Jewelry Set : 4 pairs of White Swarovski Elements Crystal Earrings
89.00€ 168.00€

Nylon Thread and White Swarovski Crystal Elements Necklace and Bracelet Invisible Set
29.90€ 70.00€

Set 7 Pendants Crystal Swarovski Elements
34.90€ 78.00€

Yin Yang Crystal Double Pendant and Earrings Set and 925 Silver
49.00€ 98.00€

Set of 3 Swarovski Elements Crystal Pendants and Earrings
59.00€ 120.00€

Blue Tourmaline and Swarovski Crystal Cubic Zirconia Pendant and Earrings Set and Silver Mounting
149.00€ 290.00€

2 cts White Heart Cut Cubic Zirconia and 925 Silver Set
189.00€ 260.00€

Pink Swarovski Crystal Elements Multi Hearts Set and Rhodium Plated
65.00€ 120.00€

Bamboo Pendant and Earrings Set with Blue Green Swarosvki Elements Crystal
95.00€ 180.00€

Set : Necklace and Earrings Circle Silver and Swarovski Crystal Cubic Zirconia
98.00€ 180.00€

Jewelry Sets in Pearls or Swarovski Crystal

Take advantage of Blue Pearls offers by choosing the right set for you. We propose several possible combinations according to your preferences:

Necklace and Earrings, Pendant and Bracelet, Bracelet and Earrings ...

You will be able to discover our parure in cultured pearls composed of a necklace, a bracelet and assorted earrings. Or the jewels in semi precious stones on silver 925/1000 mount.

If you prefer we also have jewelery boxes:
3 to 7 pairs of earrings
Travel boxes including 3 sets of pendants and earrings

Delivery is offered for 90th purchase enjoy!

Choose the Jewelry Set on Blue Pearls Online Jewelry!

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