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Here you will find all our Tahitian Pearl jewelry: Bracelet, Necklace, Pendant, Earrings. Tahitian pearls are naturally black and have a certain peculiarity, that of being unique! No Tahitian pearl is the same thanks to its vast color palette, from gray to black, green or aubergine. Succumb to the charms of Tahitian pearl jewelry.

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Tahitian Pearl Earrings and yellow gold 375/1000
198.00€ 390.00€

Black Tahitian Pearls Earrings and yellow gold 375/1000
235.00€ 470.00€

Tahitian Pearl Heart 925 Sterling Silver and White Waxed Cotton Bracelet
169.00€ 330.00€

Tahitian Pearl Men Bracelet and 925 Sterling Silver
210.00€ 420.00€

Bracelet 3 Rimmed Tahitian Pearls of 9mm and Silver 925/1000
179.00€ 340.00€

Tahitian Pearl, Black Cotton Woman Necklace and 925 Sterling Silver
129.00€ 260.00€

Black Tahitian Pearl Pendant Necklace and Sterling Silver 925
169.00€ 340.00€

Black Tahitian Pearl and Star Pendant Necklace and Sterling Silver 925
169.00€ 340.00€

Black Tahitian Pearl and Clover Pendant Necklace and Sterling Silver 925
169.00€ 340.00€

Tahitian Pearl Bracelet, 925 Silver Star and White Waxed Cotton
169.00€ 330.00€

Black Tahitian Pearl, Diamonds Pendant and White Gold 750/1000
389.00€ 750.00€

Black Tahitian Pearl and Diamonds Pendant and Yellow Gold 375/1000
250.00€ 550.00€

Black Tahitian Pearl and White Freshwater Pearl Pendant and Yellow Gold 750/1000
365.00€ 730.00€

Tahitian Pearl Totem Tribal Leather Man Necklace and 925 Sterling Silver
189.00€ 405.00€

3 Tahitian Pearls and 925 Sterling Silver Woman Necklace
185.00€ 405.00€

Tahitian Pearl Bracelet, Elephant 925 Sterling Silver and Black Waxed Cotton
169.00€ 330.00€


Tahitian pearls, black or dark, are among the most prestigious and coveted pearls.

Our French jewelry artisans offer you a unique selection of Tahitian pearl jewelry: Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces or Pendants and Earrings.

The women's collection features 375/1000 or 750/1000 yellow gold frames and 925 sterling silver ... you will find your happiness.
The men's collection consists of 925 sterling silver and cotton necklace and bracelet.

All these creations will be delivered with a certificate of guarantee and authenticity and with a high-end packaging, ready to offer!

The beauty of this black pearl of Tahiti is waiting for you 

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